Josh and Trevor’s Themed Engagement Photography in Provincetown, Massachusetts

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The single most important factor to consider when selecting a wedding photographer is how well you connect with them. A photographer who understands both your personalities and your creative vision is going to produce the meaningful images you want and deserve. For me, there is no greater example of this than Josh and Trevor’s engagement photography. When Josh and Trevor reached out to me about scheduling their engagement session, we had already booked their wedding photography. I was really excited we would have the opportunity to work together before their wedding day. I recommend engagement photography to all of my clients, as this gives them the chance to work through any camera anxiety before their wedding. It also builds trust between me and my clients. All this leads up to a much more enjoyable experience on their wedding day, which in turn helps to create better wedding photography.

When I met with Josh and Trevor to discuss the creative approach to their Provincetown engagement photography, they revealed how the town and bed and breakfast where they were staying had significance to their story as a couple. They have spent a great deal of time in P-town throughout their relationship, and it was on the beach of this LGBTQ+ haven where Trevor proposed to Josh. It was the perfect setting to serve as the backdrop for the visual story we were going to create for them. We settled on a point of view: a day in the life of Josh and Trevor.

Their engagement session began at the White Porch Inn, a quaint bed and breakfast decorated in a classy beach cottage style. With its cozy creature comforts and tasteful galleries of original art, we had an ideal place to begin. Josh and Trevor were excited about the idea of the stylized shoot, which we conveyed using a collection of props we curated together.

Once we had explored every inch of the beautiful White Porch Inn, we moved onto Commercial Street to capture the quintessential P-town imagery. Here we visited some of Josh and Trevor’s favorite and most meaningful locations, like the Penney Patch, where they like to indulge in their favorite sweets. Afterwards, we hit the sandy beach to make sure we did not miss the opportunity to get some iconic Cape Cod beach engagement photography.

Being able to collaborate closely with Josh and Trevor was a truly wonderful experience. It allowed me to help them create a visual story that beautifully capture the love between these two amazing human beings. I also had a chance to really get to know them as a couple, which for me is the most enjoyable part of doing a couple’s engagement photography.