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Boston Wedding 

Beautiful Cape Cod wedding set against the backdrop of a quintessential beach cottage as the couple shares a kiss.

Thank you for taking time to visit my new website. I am super excited to be launching this new chapter of my professional career. Kathryn Blair Photography is the culmination of dedication, hard work, and self discovery. After ten years of working as a wedding photographer for another photography studio, things came to an abrupt end when the pandemic shut down the world and shook the wedding industry to its core. After some soul searching and a minor existential crisis, I took a leap of faith and decided to create Kathryn Blair Photography. I am very proud of the business that I have created, and I hope you will revisit my blog to see how this story unfolds.

Kathryn Blair Photography was born from a desire to work with couples who are motivated and excited about the creative process. I have given a great deal of thought to how I want my business to operate and the core values it would stand for. I envisioned something that is true to my creative vision and specific point of view. More importantly, I wanted to create something that felt true to who I am and the principles I cherish most. I want this to be a business that celebrates the diversity of love shared by people who are committing their lives to one another. I want to create stunning works of art for their wedding day, and I want to do this with respect, sensitivity, and care.