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Planning your wedding is such an exciting time in your lives, but there are a ton of different decisions to be made throughout the process. You’ll probably also have to decide if there are any wedding trends that you want to incorporate into your big day. 

Now, I know what you may be thinking, “Aren’t wedding trends just going to go out of style next year or a few years down the road?” And, while yes, some wedding trends will die out, that doesn’t mean they still don’t make for an incredible wedding day for you and all of your guests. 

So, if you are looking for some fun ideas and inspiration for your wedding planning, here are some of the best 2024 wedding trends to incorporate into your day.  

2024 Wedding Trends 

Documentary Style Photography

Wedding photography trends come in and out of style, but one thing that never goes out of style is documentary style photography. This style is starting to become more popular with couples and for good reason. 

With documentary style photography, you get photos and galleries that make it feel like you are reliving the day. Your photographer is more of a fly on the wall and you are able to enjoy and experience your wedding day more fully. 

You won’t be spending hours getting posed and missing out on things like your cocktail hour. Instead, it will almost feel as if you have an entire book showing your wedding day from start to finish. 

Dessert Stations 

Weddings are definitely known for their over-the-top wedding cakes, however, a new option is starting to gain popularity: dessert stations. Instead of having one big cake that everyone can eat, you can opt for individual desserts set up buffet style for your guests to choose from. 

This can be anything from cupcakes, brownies, pies to ice cream and donuts. Whatever you and your partner like can be added to the table. Plus, with a dessert station, you have more flexibility with what you can actually serve. 

Instead of just having cake at your wedding, you can have a whole variety of options so all of your guests can pick their favorite sweet treat to enjoy! And, if you still want that cake cutting experience, you can get a much smaller cake for just you and your partner so you still have that moment and have all of the variety. 

Outfit Changes 

Outfit changes are a fun way to excite your guests and keep you comfortable throughout the night. Whether it means you have a different reception outfit or you and your partner do a wardrobe change before you leave the venue for the night, this is a fun (and more low lift) trend to check out. 

You can even opt to make things more casual and go for a shorter dress or more casual suit for your reception or even do something like matching sweatsuits for your grand exit. This could also be a fun thing to include your wedding parties with and have everyone show up to the reception in new outfits! 

After-Reception Parties 

Gone are the days of the party ending when the DJ shuts off the music. After-reception parties are starting to become more popular and are a great way to keep the party going and cherish this special time with all of the people closest to you. 

This can be something really planned out and extravagant or something low key, whatever you and your partner want. Some great ideas for this can be late night snacks, making s’mores, themed drinks, and games to play together. 

No one wants their wedding night to end so why go home when you can keep the party going? There are even some venues that have add-on packages for after parties to make planning the event even easier! 

A bride holding a colorful bouquet of flowers.

Old School Touches 

We may be in a more digitally advanced age now, but old school touches are starting to make a comeback in the wedding scene. Specifically, film photography and videography are becoming more and more popular. 

This is a great way to add a more vintage touch to your wedding memories. Think about it, when you look back on your grandparents wedding photos, there is just something about the photos that make them feel so timeless and filled with emotion. 

More and more couples are choosing to add film photography and things like Super 8 film to their wedding to capture that emotion and that timelessness that makes your wedding day even more special. 

A wedding couple with their arms around each other about to kiss.

Content Creators 

Just as old school touches are being added into wedding, new touches are also making their way on the scene. One of those are content creators for your wedding. This is basically someone who comes along with you throughout the day to capture behind-the-scenes content throughout your entire wedding day. 

Now, you may be thinking, isn’t this just for content creators or influencers? But, this is something that can be really fun for everyone! It’s like having your own documentary in short clips capturing all of your moments, all the tears, all the laughs, and all the candid emotions to cherish forever or share with the world. 

A Multi-Day Affair 

While your wedding day is a big deal on its own, one wedding trend that is breaking through is making your wedding a multi-day affair. Picking a venue or a location where you and your guests can spend the whole weekend is such an amazing way to create unforgettable memories with your favorite people. 

This weekend could look like events on Friday (or the day before your wedding), whether that is a group dinner, games, movies, or adventures. Then, you can have your wedding day and celebrate the love between you and your partner on Saturday. Finally, you can close the weekend out with a breakfast or brunch (or anything else you want) on Sunday. 

None of these events have to be extravagant or over-the-top. In all reality, just having everyone together for a few days where you can enjoy each other’s company is something that you will always cherish. 

Personal Touches 

Finally, personal touches are definitely in when it comes to your wedding. This is going to vary depending on you and your partner, but it is such a great way to make your wedding really feel like you. 

Is there a book or movie that you both love? Subtly (or not so subtly) theme your wedding around it. Do you love Taco Bell? Have them cater your wedding or come in with the late night bits for your after party. 

You can really have fun with this and choose whatever you and your partner love the most to make your wedding feel special and connected to you. 

Final Thoughts on Trends for Your Wedding

Hopefully these 2024 wedding trends help to give you some ideas and inspiration for your own wedding. Keep in mind that you don’t have to incorporate all of these trends (or any) if they don’t feel authentic to you. 

The most important thing to remember is that this is your day. You get to choose what you want it to look like and how you want to celebrate it. 

And, if you are still looking for the perfect photographer to capture this amazing day for you, I’d love to chat. You can click here to learn more about my wedding photography services, or head over here to get in touch with me

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