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Your wedding day will be filled with so many amazing moments, each as irreplaceable as the next. Capturing those moments is really an art, so in this article, I’m here to share wedding photography tips for couples so you can make sure your memories live on!

As a seasoned wedding photographer in the Boston area, I’ve had the privilege of photographing countless couples as they say “I do,” and have picked up some valuable tips over the years. From choosing the right photographer to being comfortable in front of the camera, there really is a lot that goes into making sure that your photos are just as unforgettable as the day itself.

Whether you’re dreaming of a quaint ceremony in western Massachusetts or an upscale celebration at a venue overlooking the Charles River, these wedding photography tips for couples are designed to help you prepare for your big day. 

Have an engagement session with your photographer

A couple shares a romantic kiss on the waterfront with Boston Harbor in the background, framed by the gentle glow of the setting sun and the serene presence of docked boats.

One of the best tips that I can give couples when it comes to wedding photography is to actually have an engagement session with your photographer. This allows you to create a level of comfort and understanding with your photographer prior to your big day. The familiarity established from an engagement session helps all three of you to build a rapport that will carry through to the wedding day.

Doing this also has the added benefit of being a “trial run.” You can practice and experiment different poses to see what you like and don’t like. Plus, you can then use those engagement photos for save-the-dates or even a wedding website if you make one.

Take the time to know your photographer

A jubilant bride and groom walk hand in hand, exiting a stone church as friends and family surrounding them blow bubbles in celebration, with smiles and festive attire completing the scene

Trust me when I say that your wedding photographer will do everything they can to make sure the photos not only document your wedding day but also your unique personalities and relationship. By taking the time to also get to know your photographer, you’ll have a higher level of familiarity that can lead to even more personalized photos.

Plus, understanding your photographer’s specific photography approaches and establishing communication that’s clear and transparent ahead of time can help to manage expectations and enhance the overall emotional depth of the images.

Choose a photographer whose style you love

In a timeless black and white photo, a radiant bride smiles under her veil, flanked by an elegantly dressed woman on one side and a man in a white suit with a kippah, who appears moved, on the other

When it comes to wedding photography tips for couples, it’s so important to actually choose a photographer whose style you love. Your photographer’s approach will influence how your wedding day is photographed. Photographers have a range of styles, including candid, traditional, documentary, fine art, and more. Be sure to also pay attention to their editing style shown throughout their portfolio. 

When you love your photographer’s style, it only helps you because then your final wedding gallery will be so aligned with your vision and overall aesthetic preferences, which will result in wedding albums that feel incredibly personal and authentic to you and your partner.

Let your photographer photograph the whole day as a story, including getting ready photos

In a serene, sepia-toned room, a bride sits gracefully while a makeup artist applies the final touches to her look, with natural light softly streaming through the curtains behind them.

Wedding galleries should tell a story, and by letting your photographer capture all of the moments throughout your day, they can make sure that happens. From the getting ready photos to the ceremony and reception and everything in between, when placed together, you’ll be able to really relive your entire wedding day all over again.

Consider having a first look

Intimate moment captured between a bride and groom, with the focus on the bride's expressive eyes as she gazes past the groom's shoulder, hinting at a heartfelt exchange

Considering a first look before the ceremony can be such a fun addition to your wedding day. While this could totally be a private moment between you and your partner, it could even be a first look with your closest family members or friends. This will allow you all to see ach other in a quiet and more personal setting before you walk down the aisle, and can even help to alleviate nerves. 

Often, first look photos are some of the most memorable in a wedding gallery because of how raw the emotions are in moments like this.

Use the season of your wedding to your advantage

A bride and groom share an enchanting kiss on a snowy evening, framed by festive holiday decorations and warmly lit architecture, with snowflakes gently falling around them, creating a magical winter wedding scene

Trust me, I get it; New England has four seasons, and some of them aren’t as great. But, you can actually use the season of your wedding to your advantage. Each season has its own unique landscapes and lighting conditions that can really add a certain oomph to your wedding photographs.

For an example, in fall, there’s so many rich warm colors, while summer has pretty vibrant hues and long daylight hours. There’s also something magical about wedding portraits out in the snow.

Ask for direction if you need it

Newlyweds embracing on a sandy beach, the bride's veil caught in a gust, creating a translucent shroud around them, with the sea and sky as a tranquil backdrop

One of the best wedding photography tips for couples is to ask for direction if you need it. I can guarantee you that every single photographer has heard “what do I do with my hands?” at least a handful of times during each photo session. We’re pros for a reason!

If you’re ever not sure what to do in a specific photo or even want some posing help, just ask. Your photographer is truly there to help and they want you to absolutely love your wedding day photos. Plus, they definitely have a wide range of different poses in their arsenal. 

Don’t jam-pack your timeline

A bride and groom carefully traverse stepping stones across a serene pond, surrounded by the lush greenery of a park, capturing a moment of adventurous spirit on their wedding day

It’s so tempting to fill your wedding day timeline to the brim; I get it. However, avoiding a jam-packed wedding day timeline is crucial. Sometimes, things happen, and that’s okay! A less-crowded schedule can really reduce stress and allow for more genuine and relaxed moments throughout the day.

Spontaneous moments do happen and enhance your wedding gallery

A celebratory moment outside the Hamilton House with a couple popping a champagne bottle; the cork and bubbles flying, as they smile joyfully, clad in elegant wedding attire against the historical brick backdrop.

Speaking of wedding timelines, spontaneous moments do happen. Lean into them! By embracing these moments of spontaneity, you get some really one-of-a-kind photos. Unscripted moments really have a lot of fun interactions, raw emotions, and genuine laughter that you’ll definitely look back and smile on.

Show your real emotion in the photos

A touching moment as the bride, in a beautifully detailed wedding gown, wipes a tear from her eye during the ceremony, with an out-of-focus backdrop of the groom and wedding guests

At the end of the day, this is your wedding day. It’s completely okay to feel all the feelings and let them shine through in your photos. This can make your photos even more memorable and meaningful.

Authentic moments where you’re showing joy, laughter, love, or even tears can add a certain touch of intimacy and sincerity to your photos. The goal of wedding day photos is to showcase your entire day as it happened, so if you feel a certain emotion, let it happen in your photos. When you look back at your wedding gallery years from now, you’ll be thankful that you did.

Consider having an unplugged ceremony

Bride and groom kissing in the center of a paved courtyard, with guests watching on and a videographer capturing the moment, signifying the joyous culmination of their wedding ceremony

This is definitely a trend that’s taken hold more in the 21st century (which makes sense, given the popularity of phones), but another one of my best wedding photography tips for couples is to consider having an unplugged ceremony. This will stop family and friends from leaning into the aisle with their phone to snap a photo of the both of you exchanging vows or being too tied to their screens. 

This overall just eliminates distractions and can also help your photographer take better photos because they won’t be competing with others holding up their cell phones and being in the way. Plus, there aren’t many moments nowadays where it feels like everyone is truly present. You can let your ceremony be one of those moments that everyone is truly there for.

Focus on enjoying your day

A bride and groom share an embrace on an elevated shoreline overlooking a glistening lake, with overcast skies above that promise a dramatic backdrop to their tender moment.

For the most authentic photos (and for you to actually be present), be sure to focus on enjoying your day. Yes, you will probably get stressed here and there and maybe not every single little detail will be right, but that’s the beauty of a wedding, and at the end of the day, you’re walking away having married the love of your life.

Take the time to really enjoy the intimate few words you get with your partner throughout the day. Enjoy every awkward hug with great uncles and aunts. Listen to the stories that your partner’s relatives tell you about them when they were younger. These moments will stay with you forever!

Invest in a professional wedding album

A bride and groom are silhouetted in a romantic dip under the archway of a stone building, illuminated by ambient light that sets an intimate mood against the night sky

Last but certainly not least, you can also invest in a professional wedding album. While you can 100% create a wedding album on your own, it most likely will not even come close to comparing the way that your photographer saw your wedding day unfold. Many photographers offer professional wedding album design so that you’re able to have a well-designed album to look back on.

Professional wedding albums are also of top quality, so that you can have a go-to album whenever you want to relive your magical day.

I hope that now you know all about the best wedding photography tips for couples. At the end of the day, just remember to enjoy and do your best to get comfortable in front of the camera. I promise you, your photos will turn out incredible! Still looking for a photographer for your big day? Click here to view my services and here to get in touch.

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